A collective of the world’s elite acrobatic & circus talent.

Our agency selects only the highest quality Acrobats to join our company. The artists at Acrobatic Arts are from a diverse range of skill sets including international gymnasts, world champion sports acrobats and circus performers.

Our artists are highly experience and have worked for a variety of shows including: Olympic Ceremonies, Cirque Du Soleil, La Soirée, Franco Dragone, Batman Live, Mamma Mia, Jesus Christ Superstar, Take That, Britney Spears, Royal Opera House,The Royal Ballet and the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Skills: Acrobat | Gymnast | Cyr Wheel

Fiona is apart of Cyr trio ALULA. 


Skills: Acrobat | Cyr Wheel | Hand-to-hand

Work: Jesus Christ Superstar | Royal Opera House | Adidas |Harry Potter Deathly Hallows | Cadbury's


Skills: Acrobat | Aerial Chains | Contemporary Dance

Royal Opera House | ENO | Batman Live world tour | Cirque Eloize


Skills: Parkour | Free-Running | Bar Star & Acrobat

Work: Jesus Christ Superstar | Die Meistersinger |  Tinie Temper | Lucozade | Microsoft | Peter Pan | Cadbury's


Skills: Gymnast | Contemporary Dance | Acro Dance | Chinese Pole

Work: Scarabeus | Acrojou Circus | Ella Robson Guilfoyle | Highly Sprung | Parkour Dance Company | James Wilton Dance


Skills: Acrobat | Master Handstander

Pippin Tour | Batman Live |Traces

Dinneen, perhaps the most technically accomplished performer... showed a beautiful and impressive series of hand-balances. His particularly beautiful torso, silhouetted in the low-lighting, drew much appreciation from the female portion of the crowd - A Younger Theatre


Skills: Aerial Straps | Silks | Acrobat | Gymnast

Work: Cirque Du Soleil, Dragone


Skills: Aerial Straps, Hand to Hand, Duo Trapeze, Handbalancing, Acrobatics, Flying Trapeze and Hoop Diving.


Skills: Extreme Contortion / Handstands / Dance and Contortion en Pointe  

'Britain's Bendiest Woman!' | ’You are amazing!’’ - Dawn French

Work: The Mummy | This Morning ITV | TFI Friday | Npower | BBC | London Fashion Week