A collective of the world’s elite circus talent.

Our agency selects only the highest quality Circus Acts to join our company.

Hand picked world-class talent from the around the globe.

Working to the highest standards with unsurpassed skill, our pool of elite circus acts form the breathtaking addition to any performance.



Skills: Hula Hoop

Winner of Speciality Act Award 2013 at the London Cabaret Awards

Craig is the award winning variety hula-hoop act and the undeniable king of the rings! 

LUNA - View the Showreel

Luna is an innovative and beautiful new concept in freestanding aerial performance.

The structure has a diameter of only 2m, and height options of either 3m or 4m, making it the most versatile structure we have ever built. Suitable for any venue, without taking out large areas of floor-space. Quick and simple to set up and take down and even moveable during an event. 

This act can also utilises amazing LED technology within the costumes, to create brilliant colour-changing patterns.

Fully programmable, these costumes allow us to create the perfect colour combination for your event, or you can choose from our fabulous pre-programmed options of warm colours, cool colours or disco! 

THE MIRROR BALL - View the Showreel

If you are looking for tantalising, graceful entertainment with a touch of class and beauty, the Mirror Ball Act will most certainly provide all.

A celestial centre of energy in any space, exploding with beauty, casting light and enchantment over the faces of every spectator.

This UNIQUE circus act combines contortion, hand balance and dance, performed on top of a stunning, sparkling, spinning Mirror Ball.

The act is performed all over the world at high profile corporate events, private events, weddings and product launches.


Skills: Acroduo | Hand-to-Hand

Work: Traces & Queen of the Night - Les 7 doigts de la main | Hotel Black Cat

'sensuous choreography, precision moves and nerve-jangling acrobatics' | 'physically demanding, daring and absolutely beautiful'.

AERIAL MOON - View the Showreel

A truly ethereal act, performed in a spinning crescent moon. Perfect for any magical, romantic, or elegant events.  

The Moon requires only a single rigging point, and although not essential, works best with a winch or counterweight system which allows the performer to fly up and down during the act.  


Burlesquer |Chanteuse |Mistress of Ceremonies

A burlesque superstar, chanteuse, compere. renowned for her unique style and unrivaled talent. Famed for bringing Burlesque to London’s West End in the critically acclaimed ‘The Hurly Burly Show’ with William Baker (Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Rihanna) and ‘The Soho Burlesque Club’ in London’s Legendary Hippodrome, Rae has toured the world with her stunning act of striptease and song.

KIERAN CYR - Click here to watch Showreel

Skills: Dancer | Hip Hop | Cyr Wheel

'Fusing together his passion for movement, circus & music, Kieran's acts is a masterpiece of contemporary circus'. 


The two man 10 minute circus.

A Vaudevillian circus double act for the modern era. This 1920s prohibition act comes with with fine tailored suits and a tiny gangster car.

They play saxophone accompanied with rapid fire tap dance and juggle with bottles, glasses and a set of vintage luggage.

Suitable for: Variety, Cabaret, Film/ TV shoots, Speigal Tent, Festival stages